How to start a television production company

tv production company

Have you ever wanted to make a television show? It actually isn't that hard in theory, in practice being successful at it can be a challenge. There are hundreds of television networks these days and they all need programming. Rarely do networks actually produce their own shows, usually they rely on television production companies. If you have an idea for a show it is entirely possible to start your own production company and get your show on television.

In order to start a television production company you are going to need money, it's pretty expensive to shoot a television show. Most people don't have access to enough money to start a production company on their own so they are going to need investors. The first step to finding investors is write up a business plan. This should tell potential investors what kind of shows you intend to make, how much money you need to make them and how your company intends to make money. When pitching to investors it is important that you be realistic with them, most television shows will not be successful and your investors need to understand the risks before they start.

Once you have your money you need to shoot a pilot episode. If you don't already have an idea for a show you will need to either come up with one or solicit them from show creators. Once you have an idea you will need to hire writers to actually write the show as well as actors and crew to shoot it. There are a lot of people involved in shooting a television show and it can be very expensive, make sure that you have budgeted for it accordingly. It is also important to remember that you can't do everything yourself, a lot of people view their show as their baby and don't trust anybody else to make it, don't fall into this trap.

Once you have a pilot episode you are going to need to pitch the show to the networks. You will need to contact them to determine how to submit your show and arrange a meeting. Remember that beyond the major networks there are dozens of cable networks out there, just make sure you submit your show to networks that would be appropriate for the content of your show. When you get a meeting with a network you need to really sell them on your show, they get hundreds of shows submitted to them every year, you need to clearly explain why your show stands out and should be shown on their network. Remember that most shows won't get picked up and most of those that do will only survive for a short time before getting cancelled, you need to constantly be developing new shows in order to find a successful one.